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“The best hostel”

By far the best hostel in Tamarindo – we’ve been in three. Great atmosphere, very good accommodation conditions and great two Slovakian guys running the hostel. For me it was one of the best hostels a have ever visited and can truly recommend this place to everyone going to Tamarindo. Thanks to the awesome “social area” it is very easy to meet other people and have a couple … Robert and Tomas are great hosts – offer sincer advice about stuff to do around and are not only offering tours for tourists like all other places. I hope I get a chance to come back one day.

“The best welcome in Costa Rica!” 
Robert and Tomas are two of the sweetest guys you will meet on your travels. An enthusiastic and genuine welcome from Robert was the start of 4 very chilled days in Pura Vida. Tamarindo is different to the rest of Central America (as is Costa Rica) but the guys make such a genuine effort to put you at ease that its easy to chill out in the hostel and forget that you are in what is really like a U.S. vacation town (it really felt like I was taking a vacation from the gringo trail). That said when it is time for a beer Tomas will bring you to the best bar with a local experience and the ever gracious Robert will arrange for free entry to the best club in town. For me it was swinging on the hammocks between surf in the laid back common area, with the best tunes I have heard on the stereo in the 2 months I have been travelling, and good conversation over a couple of beers. Add to this comfortable mattresses, quite time after 11pm for a peaceful sleep and if you are nice Robert might make you some delicious soup for after surfing, and all at a great rate of $10/night for the dorm. All in all you can’t go wrong, these guys are in it for all the right reasons if you are too you won’t be disappointed! Gracias mi amigos.

Amazing hostel with amazing owners. You feel at home the second you walk in. Rob and Thomas just love their jobs and helping out tourists. They gave us amazing tips and the whole atmosphere is so chilled out. We met amazing people from all around the world. 
I absolutely recommend this hostel to anyone who’s visiting Tamarindo. It’s not that far from the beach as others mentioned, just a 7-8 min walk. 
We were three guys and stayed two nights in the dorms and two in a private room with 3 single beds. I would of course recommend the private room since you can take advantage of the A/C but the dorms were also comfortable and anyway you’ll be spending most of your time either on the beach or in the common area with other guests. 
Pura Vida

Beirut, Lebanon

“Great accommodations!”                                                                                 

The people who run the hostel are knowledgeable, friendly and very helpful to the guest. The facilities are simple but clean and comfortable. It takes on a family type atmosphere and meeting people is really easy and interesting. -“Hot Cheyenne”


“Clean and Friendly”

Cute little hostel, very clean and safe and in great location. Just minutes from the beaches and all the nightlife! – “Joanna D”

“Fun, Personable and Clean”                                                                           

 If you are looking for the perfect hostel, Pura Vida Hostel Tamarindo is awesome! The owners responsible for the place are a gem.  I also wished that the quiet time was at midnight rather than 11 as the hostel had an excellent social atmosphere. Overall, the place is nice, social and has been one of the best hostels I have stayed at. I think the fact that there were a ton of fun people when I stayed there helped… but even if it were slow I would have thought that it was cute and clean.- “Jesse, Denver”

“Meet people, relax and have a great time” 

This was a great, friendly hostel where anyone can feel at home. The rooms are clean, there is food close by and the staff really help out everyone there! There is a lot of opportunity to meet others, party, relax, etc. From what I heard about other Tamarindo hostels, Pura Vida Hostel is the best by far!- “Dylan J”

“Clean and affordable”                                                                                        

I recently stayed al Pura Vida, the hostel is great. It has 2 kitchens, a really nice social area. During my stay there was always a cleaning lady, who cleaned social areas and the rooms, some rooms have air conditioner, some others don´t but still is really nice. You have internet access too. They had surfing tours for everybody in the hostel. Its really close to Tamarindo main street, just a few minutes walking. Its secure and you will spend a great time. – “Priscilla S, San Jose, CR”


“Clean affordable hostel with a good location”

The Pura Vida Hostel Tamarindo itself is great. There are two kitchens, outdoor space, etc. The service is very friendly, the place is cleaned daily, and the manager is very helpful in offering travel advice. -“Shane”


“You should stay here”

Pura Vida Hostel Tamarindo was very clean, comfortable beds, cooking facilities with all dishes and cutlery. But what was the best thing this place going for is it is the atmosphere. Everyone there was so friendly, fun, and everyone was included in activities if they wished. – “Davl D”


“Wonderful place to meet beautiful people”

Great Hostel, very clean and well-kept. I felt like staying in a hotel for 1/3 of the price. 2 fully functional   kitchens and a huge cozy area where you will never get lonely or bored. So easy to meet and talk with other travelers. Pura Vida Hostel is the place to stay in Tamarindo for backpackers or travelers looking for a comfortale cheap accommodation. Pura Vida Hostel Tamarindo is not only a place to sleep in, Pura Vida is a place to enjoy completely. The managers are so helpful and always had fancy  restaurants or exciting  activities to suggest you. I had there the best time that a traveler could have. I recommend it. – “By Gianni”

“Relaxing and good value”                                                                                  

Nice rooms with a/c and fan, clean and cozy areas and easy to chat with other travelers. Location is great. Tomas and Robert are very helpful and likes to talk, you don’t get lonely, for sure…
Overall, it’s a great place to stay. -“Anne”


“Great Place to Stay…Very Fun, Clean, Affordable!”

I had a great time at the Pura Vida Hostel Tamarindo. The rooms, bathrooms, kitchens and common area are all well maintained, clean and stylish. With the huge common area and kitchens, you’re likely to meet people quickly which is always a bonus if you’re a solo traveler. I had a great time hanging out here, cooking with the other patrons at the hostel, and sharing our travel stories….not to mention it’s extremely close to the bars, beaches and restaurants. Highly recommended! – “Nelsen”


“Purr vida was a great place to stay!”

We originally booked a room that was a 40 minute walk, and 8 dollar cab ride from tamarindo, so we decided to stay at Pura Vida Hostel instead! They were very accommodating to us and our high maintenance, last minute booking. I am so glad that we were able to figure it out though! I had so much fun and met so many great people!- “Becca”


“Pura Vida Hostel Tamarindo is THE Best Hostel I’ve ever stayed”

‘ve been in Costa Rica for 8 weeks and have been travelling every weekend and Pura Vida is by far the BEST hostel I have stayed in.  The staff are super friendly and ALWAYS willing to help. The rooms are great and clean AND the social space in amazing, Hammocks, pool table, two kitchens, rocking chairs, WiFi and so much more…what else could you want. I enjoyed staying here so much the first time that i’ve actually been back 3 times already. Yay for Pura Vida, and when you stay there, you really are living

the pure life.- “Sarah Louise”

“Amazing place conducive to meeting awesome people”

I stayed at Pura Vida Hostel Tamarindo and had the time of my life. It was one of my first times traveling by myself, yet the hostel’s friendly staff and atmosphere made it really easy to meet others. The R&R common area really helped with meeting others too. Tomas and Robert, the hostel managers, are particularly friendly and will help you with whatever you need. The bunks were comfortable. They came with safes. There were fresh towels and linens for use always. The whole place was for the most part immaculately clean. It was also nice that there were two kitchens to cook food if you wanted to save some $. I wouldn’t say it if I didn’t mean it: this was truly the best hostel I have ever stayed at.- “Akavi”


“Great hostel but the people are the ones that make the difference”

Just finished my stay at the pura vida hostel tamarindo. stayed there for a week and a half. the hostel was great!  The thing that made me return to this hostel from my travels was the people. The owner was really nice. The staff will show u around, help u with all your traveling needs, point u to the things worth doing in Tamarindo, organize crazy nights in the hostel or just let you know about the night life and where to go out. – “Nyack”


“Absolutely loved Pura Vida Hostel Tamarindo”

The staff was so helpful in booking tours and they even got my family and I a cab! Overall the hostel was clean and the food was great, especially the cheap smoothies! -“Llenda”


“What a fantastic place!”

What a fantastic hostel! The staffwere helpful and friendly, the hammocks were comfortable, and the smoothies were delicious (and cheap!). Would definitely recommend this hostel to anyone going to Tamarindo. You won’t regret it!-“Philli”

“The Hospitality Hostel”

Having traveled all over the world – Pura Vida Hostel Tamarindo has so far has been the best hostel I have stayed in. The main reason, the people running it. They are so helpful, friendly and in all they just make you feel welcome and at home. It’s a quaint oasis of serenity and seclusion, a perfect place to read a book in a hammock with occasional cat naps.-“Scott”


“Best place to stay in Costa Rica”

I stayed here with my girlfriend on our “discovery” trip of Costa Rica. We are budget travelers so for the most part we stayed at hostels and cooked our own meals. Pura Vida hostel is one of the best we stayed at on our trip. Cheap, clean, fun and super cool hosts. We met bunch of cool people, hang out with everyone in the “rancho” and went out. The private room was clean and big for a hostel. They had 2 kitchens which we really enjoyed. All I have to say, that if you want a great experience, meet cool people and feel welcomed stay here.-“Parfene”


“Pura Vida is a great hostel!”

Pura Vida is a great hostel in Tamarindo — even the guests are a lot of fun. The rooms and kitchen are very clean. The common room has amazing hammocks that i napped in for an hour and a half! I even got to see monkeys eating mangos in the tree!!-“KJ”


“How long are you girls here for…? 2 nights / 6 weeks!”

We arrived in Tamarindo with a pretty negative attitude after an amazing tour of the country and having been advised to miss out Tamagringo. However, from originally booking only 2 nights, we stayed 6 weeks!!!  The hostel was really welcoming with a great social area with hammocks and beds, perfect for meeting new people or just chilling and a beautiful outdoor kitchen with everything you need! You can organise all activities from the hostel and it is close to everywhere. As for the staff… Last but not least, Leo who cleans out in the hostel is the best!! We always had great chats despite her busy cleaning routine. The floors were always swept, towels and sheets were fresh and she has a great smile!

…. there is so much more …. come and experience this great hostel in Tamarindo on your own!

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